Android Game Of The Week-Call Of Duty Strike Team

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Call of Duty finally makes an official and proper debut on Android with Strike Team which was released about a week ago. The game was released on ios first, once you jump into this finely crafted first and third person shooter with an all new adventure set in the Call of Duty universe you’ll see why the wait was worth it.

The entire game was developed from the ground up for mobile devices(mostly tablets it seems like, but more device support is coming!) which makes this an extremely original yet familiar experience. Surprisingly enough the game is actually refreshing beyond the scope of imagining, since this a title that is based on a console franchise I was expecting it to be somewhat half assed and semi fulfilling but Strike Team is none of those things. Straight up, its Call of Duty the way Call of Duty is meant to be.

The game offers up a full campaign with a compelling story behind it. Mission by mission you can rack up experience points just like you can in any other Call of Duty, which unlock weapons and perks for usage during later missions. Other than campaign you have survival missions you can play at any time to mix things up which gives you XP as well. Expectedly so, in survival mode you’ll be fending off waves of enemies to see how long you can last, as each wave brings foes of increasing difficulty. You can compete against friends and family too for leaderboard domination. Everyone loves a good competition.

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