Android Game Of The Week: Deus Ex: The Fall

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Square Enix dropped the highly anticipated follow up in the Deus Ex franchise just a couple days ago, and it lived up to every expectation I ever had since hearing about its announcement. If you think that mobile games just don’t have what it takes to compete with PC or console game titles these days, think again. Deus Ex: The Fall is every bit as good as most current games out there today. Which is why it earned game of the week.

It’s a bit early to be saying so, but it even has the potential to be game of the year. To start off, Deus Ex: The Fall has pretty damn good graphics. The visuals are not as advanced as some we’ve seen, but let’s be honest, earth shattering visuals don’t make the game. That being said, the graphics are actually really good. The lighting is impressive, and the attention to detail goes a long way. The overall style of the game really does a great job at evoking the mood of a Deus Ex title, especially after Human Revolution. The games design, gameplay mechanics, character design, character moves, right down to the narrative are all elements that really make this feel like a true Deus Ex game.

For those that have played Human Revolution, plenty of features even make their way into The Fall from Human Revolution like hacking computers for potential door codes, and sneaking up behind enemies for the lethal or non lethal takedowns. Other features make the transition to mobile as well, like the augmentation enhancements and weapon upgrades This is a Deus Ex title after all and those are a couple of the core elements behind the idea of the game.

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