Android Retro Game Of The Week-Double Dragon Trilogy

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Thanks to DotEmu we can relive all the awesome moments that helped define the side scrolling brawler genre. Double Dragon was probably one of the most influential side scrolling action beat em up games of the early console generation and now we can enjoy the entire trilogy right from the palm of our hands.

Double Dragon Trilogy puts Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2:The Revenge, and Double Dragon 3:The Rosetta Stone all at your fingertips and all specially designed and optimized for mobile devices. For those of you who enjoyed the original arcade hit, you will love replaying this game on the go. Beginning with Double Dragon, iconic brothers Billy and Jimmy must stop the evil Black Shadows gang and rescue Billy’s girlfriend who has been kidnapped. The game is every bit as good as you remember it but better.

Double Dragon Trilogy has two different game modes for you to enjoy. Arcade mode will allow you to play the game exactly as it was intended, from beginning to end and your only main goal is to go for the high score just like at the arcades in days past. Story mode allows you to enjoy the game in a different light. As you play through the game you will be able to unlock new stages and achievements. Not only will you find the different game modes charming, but you’ll also have three different difficulty modes tailored each specifically to the type of player that you are.

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