Angry Birds Star Wars II update adds new levels and new characters

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Rovio has rolled out the latest Angry Birds Star Wars II update just in time for the weekend. This update has arrived for the free and paid versions of the game and it brings new secret levels, new characters and new reward levels. There are eight new secret levels and four new Star Wars characters including Hologram Darth Sidious, Silver C3PO, Red Battle Droid and Shadowtrooper.

The characters, similar to how we have seen this in the past, are available to earn or to purchase. As for those reward levels, Rovio has said each new character brings “some awesome new reward levels.” Otherwise, there was eight secret levels added.

Gaining access to the secret levels requires the user to find the hidden maps so they can unlock the levels. Bottom line here, Rovio first released Angry Birds Star Wars II for Android back in mid-September which means these additional levels and additional characters are likely going to be welcomed by many. After all, we suspect some raced through the game in no time flat.

Of course, new additions aside, the release of Angry Birds Star Wars II meant users would be able to “Join the Pork Side” for the first time and play as a pig. That meant playing as Darth Mail with his double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Vader, General Grievous and others. Plus, the game had, and still has support for Hasbro TELEPODS which brings a physical toy aspect to the virtual gameplay.

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