BBM for Android is hot, learn how to use it from these 6 videos

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BBM for Android and iOS is finally rolling out (for real this time) and it looks that BlackBerry’s still got it.

The troubled Canadian phone maker proudly announced that five million users downloaded the Android and iOS versions of BlackBerry Messenger in the first eight hours of availability.

Next 5 million in line – your turn! Open up BBM and click "I got the email" to get started on #BBM right away!

— BBM (@BBM) October 22, 2013

The figure only includes users who downloaded the app and activated their BBM account, so the actual number may be higher. That’s a fairly impressive number for a service that has been until now exclusive to a dwindling platform. 

Last week, the company reported that six million users enlisted to download BBM. It appears that BlackBerry’s move to set up a waiting list for users to gain access to BBM worked out, as we haven’t heard of service disruptions so far.

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