BBM Passes 10 Million Downloads on Android and Removes Waiting List

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While it is hard to deny that BlackBerry’s launch of BlackBerry Messenger did not go over so well, it does seem to be a popular application surpassing the 10 million download count. This is rather impressive as BlackBerry is struggling to sell their once popular line of mobile phones.

As you may recall, there were several botched releases of the BlackBerry Messenger application that eventually turned BBM into a bit of a joke in the Android community. BlackBerry blamed the botched release on excessive traffic caused by a large number of Android users using a (leaked) pre-release version of BBM for Android. In order to combat this, BlackBerry implemented a waiting list feature into the final build of Android.

Thanks to the improved version of the mobile client, BlackBerry has removed the waiting list requirement. New users are now free to download the client and immediately setup a new account without waiting. I just went through the setup process myself and can confirm that it is a painless process.

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