Buy a Moto X off-contract and get a Chromecast for free [DEAL]

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Read for another “buy X and get a free Chromecast” deal? Google’s really pushing this thing lately, as the offer now applies to any Moto X bought off-contract at Motorola’s website. It’s a savings of $35 which, if you consider the fact that the cheapest Moto X is now $399.99, makes this deal worth almost as much as the failed Cyber Monday deal that got folks the phone for $350.

The Chromecast has become a big hit in the short time since its arrival. Time named it their best gadget of 2013, and the device has gotten a multitude of great apps for folks to enjoy their content on the big screen.

Many of us are still waiting for Google to open third-party APIs and give developers free reign in developing apps, but the crop of apps out there now have been more than enough to keep folks satisfied. It’s a great little bonus if you were looking to buy a Moto X soon, so get in on it ASAP before this deal expires (though we imagine the $35 pill isn’t hard to swallow otherwise).

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