New Nexus 7 ads hit the web

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When it comes to advertising, Google’s been doing a great job, better than most Android manufacturers we’d say. Relatable, sweet, feature-focused, and snappy, clips like the Camping TV ad for the original Nexus 7 or the Fear Less spot for the second generation have contributed to the growth of the Nexus range from a niche device to a formidable crowd-pleaser.

Here are two more great Nexus 7 TV ads that you might begin to see over the following weeks. Google highlights the simplicity and convenience of consuming media and apps on a tablet, be it a Shakespeare play or a frantic shoot-em up game.

Speaking of ads, Black Friday, the crazy start of the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Expect a big marketing push from small and big players alike. Looking forward to anything in particular?

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