Samsung shows off Galaxy S5 in official first look video

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By now you’ve probably seen almost everything there is to see about the Samsung Galaxy S5, but in case you aren’t sick of the phone yet, Samsung has its own official first look video for the new flagship.

The just over 3-minute video shows off the hardware features of the Galaxy S5 including the textured back, the flap over the micro-USB port that helps make the phone water-resistant, and the 5.1-inch 1080p display. The video also briefly touches on the new camera features light the fast autofocus, as well as the fingerprint scanner in the home button.

Samsung could probably fill a half hour talking about all the myriad software features of the Galaxy S5, but it spares us the trouble in the first look video and only shows off a few. The big software focus is on the new S Health features that also show off the pulse reader in the smartphone.

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