SlideLock is a Lockscreen Replacement that Displays Your Notifications

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There are tons of lockscreen replacements in the Google Play Store. Some are great, some are not. We’ve covered a bunch of them here on the site. The beauty of Android is the options that you have to really make your device your own. Some lockscreen replacements are cluttered and have a ton of options. Others are basic and just give you the bare essentials. Today we have a new one for you called SlideLock that is all about notifications.

SlideLock is built around notifying you of anything that might happen on your device. It can display notifications from every app on your device, if you want it to. Of course, you can turn off those notifications if you’d like, only showing the ones that you are actually interested it. SlideLock displays your notifications very simply, keeping it clean. When a notification shows up, a swipe to the left will dismiss it while a swipe to the right will open it up for you. Once your lockscreen is cleared of any pending notifications, you can swipe to the left to unlock your device or swipe to the right to open your camera. This is handy for when you need to snap a quick photo.

SlideLock gives you options for changing the lockscreen wallpaper, turning notification sounds off and on, and toggling notification vibrations right from the Settings menu. You can also change the date and time format from Settings, and the app even has built-in support for your Pebble smartwatch. This is a minimal lockscreen replacement but it has some extra features you can tweak if you want to.

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