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Now there are more and more people go for online shopping, where they think it is easy, convenient for them. The online shopping in Malaysia is now growing rapidly over the years, there are more supplier and sellers tend to do their business through online, which is e-commerce, which is a more flexible and efficient way of doing business.

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Why online shopping?

Online shopping is convenient in terms of saving time and efforts, were through the online shop or online marketplace you able to find the things you want by searching the keyword of the product, and you can get several results that you want.

From the results, you able to choose, select, and pick the items that best meet your needs. For example, if you are finding for wireless earphone, you can just search for the keyword on the search box in the online platform, you can the result you want and you can select the one you want and add into your shopping cart.

What is cashback?

Cashback is a reward or a cash rebate program that provides the incentive to the shopper that shop online. It benefits the customer when they make a purchase and shop online, which enables them to save more and shop smarter online. 

There are many online shopping platforms has introduced this cashback program to their consumer which to induce them to shop and purchase online. Visit our website here!

It is an affiliate marketing program where the customer able to collect the Lazada cashback voucher from an affiliate partner of the online shopping platform.

How does it work?

When you log into the affiliate site, you able to choose their favorite online store, and click to visit the store, the affiliate site will redirect you to the online store page, and now you can shop whatever you want.

Now, you able to be the smart shopper in Malaysia where shop online by using the cashback in the various online shop, to get more rewards and offers. 

Lazada Affiliate Program

The cashback program is the Lazada Affiliate Program and the Zalora Affiliate program is where by providing rewards to the customer and at the same time rewards the affiliate site that re-direct the customer to the online store site.

cashback malaysia

Lazada Affiliate Program partner with the affiliate site providing the cashback voucher to the customer was posting the content through the social media or their site which to induce the customer to click on it, then re-direct them to the online store to encourage them to purchase a product through the online store within 30 days. 

Every complete transaction that re-directed by the affiliate site within 30 days, the affiliate site would reward 10% commissions from the online store such as Lazada and Zalora.

Such affiliate program benefits the affiliate site, merchant and the customer, where the program helps the online store to generate more sales, and the affiliate site able to earn the commissions and thereby the customer able to receive more discounts and offers with Lazada cashback with their purchase. Learn more about the program here!

The cashback program would also able to be done through publishing ads in the affiliate site when the visitor clicks through the link, and re-direct to the online store and make a purchase in the online store, the affiliate site would also able to be rewarded a 10% of commissions.

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