Pros & Cons You Should Know Of Virtual Office Malaysia

With the increase of globalization and the advanced in technology, a lot of entrepreneurs are tending to use virtual office rather than using a physical office. The improvement of technology has pushed a few kinds of businesses to another level compared with old times.

The trend in using the virtual office in Malaysia by registering up the company address is starting to pick up the force. More and more people are starting to stop looking for the physical office for rent in Malaysia. However, as every item out there, even virtual workplace have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Regardless of whether you believe it is an extraordinary thought or a terrible one, this article will assist you in responding to some extreme inquiries concerning whether a virtual office is directly for your business.


Less productive

The business that is using the application of shared space office usually also letting its employees working from home. Well, some truth has to tell is working from home sometimes could be incredible for self-motivator for some people, yet it very well may be too enticing to even think about watching a movie, take a long time for breakfast or lunch instead of putting this effort in working the project.

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Lack of trust

Using an office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur for your business which means that you cannot provide a proper address or location for your customer. Without the existence of service office in Kuala Lumpur could be hard to gain the trust from local customer, and this especially important for you if you are running the retail business.

An irregularly between addresses may cause an absence of trust for your clients who probably will not comprehend why you cannot meet them at your premises. You might would miss the business chance to approach your potential client. 

Miss out of  business

There is a lot of well-known company or big brand usually will use physical office space and set the company address in a lot of major cities. These companies do have their serviced office Malaysia to serve the demand of the local customer.

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One thing you should always remember that your business may well grow in future and start become bigger. So look for the physical office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur, sometimes is a to-do thing for you no matter now or future, you should plan advanced.

Some companies even choose to use the coworking concept for their business, and these usually can be found around the coworking space Malaysia. As your company grows, the need for more regular meetings usually is frequently happened all the time.

The need in acquiring the proper meeting room Kuala Lumpur also cannot be excluded because this is also a sign of trust in the eyes of customers. Looking for a room with complete facilities for rent is inevitable for your business.


Saving cost

The use of a virtual office can help in saving your company expenditure. The utility bill and the travelling cost can be ruled out. Finding the cheapest virtual office in Kl and without the register of physical address, no monthly rental fee and other deposits needed to pay for can help you in saving your time and money.

Giving high motivation for employee

Compared with a more conventional arrangement, there is a very big contrast which that employee has more chance to work from home for now. It will let employees motivated and ultimately lead to high productivity in the project.